ASC was incorporated in 1985 and based in Malaysia. Our principal activities concentrate on the trading and promotion of high quality architectural extrusions, fittings, accessories, sealants and insulation materials for doors and windows, screws and machinery for the fabrication of aluminium works.

Providing an ASC experience, our products are put through Chemical Lab, Coating Thickness, Dimension Measuring, Mechanical Property, Roughness, Hardness test and Composition Analysis.

We believe in high quality products for the safety and comfort of our end users.

Trusted in Malaysia

Our products are trusted and can be found in projects from the following developers:

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Our offices are led by professional staff who are experienced in this field of work for over at least 30 years! We are willing to share our knowledge with you.


Our products are a no nonsense, straight forward approach. We shall not confuse you with fancy names that do not reflect the real product.

Rest assured you are getting what you see.

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