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* We are able to supply KENWA® Doors and Windows accessories. Aluminium Extrusions are currently not listed. Please note that this is not our full range of products. Kindly contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you further. We are also able to create moulds if you require.

Aluminium Blind Rivet

1/8 inch x 1/4 inch (Silver/Bronze) – 1000 pcs/box
1/8 inch x 5/16 inch (Silver/Bronze) – 1000 pcs/box
1/8 inch x 3/8 inch (Silver/Bronze) – 1000 pcs/box
1/8 inch x 1 inch (Silver) – 1000 pcs/box
3/16 inch x 3/8 inch (Silver) – 1000 pcs/box
3/16 inch x 1/2 inch (Silver) – 1000 pcs/box
5/32 inch x 3/8 inch (Silver) – 1000 pcs/box

Door Closer

KENWA® Door Closer

Floor Hinge

KENWA® 853 Floor Hinge with Accessories
KENWA® 853 Floor Hinge without Accessories
KENWA® Non-Digging Closer
Dorma AL84
Dorma PTS84 without Accessories
Dorma GD84 (amount-plate Door)
Diamond DT21 (Light Duty)
Diamond DT22 (Heavy Duty)

Patch Fittings



Lockset 4123 Double Cylinder Hook
Lockset 5123 Double Cylinder Plain
Lockset 5123 Alpha Double Cylinder
Lockset 4410 without Key (Silver/Medium Bronze)
Lockset 4420 Single Key (Silver/Medium Bronze)
Lockset 4430 Double Key (Silver/Medium Bronze)
Lockset 5128 Alpha Double Cylinder
Lockset 44020 Amplimesh Look
Dahling J6 with Key (Silver/Medium Bronze)
Dahling J7 Double Sided Key (Silver/Medium Bronze)
KENWA® A5 without Key (Silver/Medium Bronze)
KENWA® A6 with Key (Silver/Medium Bronze)
Lockset 43103 Mico Lock/Armor Plate (Silver)
Lockset 925 Fair Glass/Small Showcase
Lockset 203F Arira Glass/Large Showcase
Lockset 5073 WF
Pinlock PL150 Showcase Lock
Lock 503 Push lock


MATEX D140 – 100pcs/box
MATEX D400 – 100pcs/box
MATEX D7000E – 100pcs/box
Local D140 – 500 pcs/box
Local D400 – 150pcs/box
Local D7000E – 150pcs/box
Door Roller 300
Door Roller 002
Door Roller 007
Door Roller 012
Bearing Roller
MATEX Showcase Roller MSR1 – 100pcs/box
Showcase Roller SR1 – 100pcs/box
Heavy Duty Shower Roller SR2
PVC Window Roller

Vinyl Gasket

We can supply Vinyl Gaskets ranging from 122M, 153M, and 305M. Kindly contact us for further information.

Crescent Fastener (Sliding Window)

350S – Small (Silver/Medium Bronze) – 400 pcs/box
320 – Large (Silver/Medium Bronze) – 400 pcs/box
320 – With key (Silver/Medium Bronze) – 400pcs/box
KENWA® J6 Locksets (Silver/Bronze/White/Black)
Interlock Fastener (Silver/Black) – 300pcs/box
Casement Handle mini (Silver/Medium Bronze) – 400pcs/box
Integrated Casement Handle with Nylon Plug (Silver/Medium Bronze)
Casement Handle with Key (Silver/Medium Bronze) – 400pcs/box
Casement Handle wedges for Curtain Walls (Silver/Medium Bronze)
Casement Handle (Powder Coating White)

Grill Window Accessories

PN01 Fax Grill
PN02 – with/without Rollers
PN04 U-bracket (Japanese Square)
PN05 Grill bracket (Outer Grill)
010 Grill Window Bracket (for 216-001)
028 Casement Window Bracket
029 Sliding Window Bracket
033 Insect Screen Bracket
5/16″ Stud Bolt x 6′ (Long Screw)
3/8″ Stud Bolt x 6′ (Long Screw)
Metal Stud x 8″ (1″x13/4″, 1″x15/8″, 3/4×15/8″, 3/4″x13/4″)
Metal Sheet (1″x12″)

Insect Screen Netting

Lite Kote 48″ x 30m, 18×16 mesh (Black)
Universal 48″ x 30m, 18×16 mesh (Silver)
H164 Roller for Screen Netting
Insect Screen Bracket
Insect Screen Plastic
Insect Screen Hinges
Insect Screen Handle
014 Bracket

PVC Hollow Corner Bracket

1″ x 1″
1″ x 2″
1″ x 2.1/2″
1″ x 3″
1″ x 3″ PVC Center Bracket 020

PVC Protective Tape

1 inch (25mm x 100 yards)
1.5 inch (37mm x 100 yards)
2 inch (50mm x 100 yards)
2.5 inch (63mm x 100 yards)
3 inch (76.2mm x 100 yards)
4 inch (100.6mm x 100 yards)
14cm x 200mm PVC Wrapping Film
10cm PVC Wrapping Film


DKI Door Closer
Ryobi Door Closer
Penguin (GMT) Door Closer
New Star Door Closer

Stainless Steel Four Bar Hinge

KENWA® 304 6″
KENWA® 304 8″
KENWA® 304 10″
KENWA® 304 12″
KENWA® 304 14″
KENWA® 304 16″
KENWA® 304 18″
KENWA® 304 20″
KENWA® 304 24″

Stainless Steel Handle

9″ Stainless Steel Handle
12″ Stainless Steel Handle
12″ Economy Stainless Steel Handle
12″ C-Shape Stainless Steel Handle
14″ Stainless Steel Handle
16″ Stainless Steel Handle
18″ Stainless Steel Handle